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Potty Training!!

Hey All – well I’m as surprised as you might be, but my son started to initiate the potty training process all by himself at about 22 months old. So we’re running with it. Everyone says boys are later at this so I didn’t think we would be even getting started till after he was two, but he started telling us when he had to go and now we if we are diligent we can get through an entire day peeing and pooing on the potty.

I decided to go with two types of potties and he uses both. We have the one that sits on the toilet, and then I also have the Summer Infant toddler potty. Depending on the day and time he will use one or the other. If he’s on the big potty  he typically wants me to sit on the little potty, and if he’s on the little potty I have to sit on the big potty.

I’m trying to be as consistent as possible with offering the potty and having him sit on it. We’ve been having really good luck with in the last couple of weeks he’s seemed very disinterested. Since he initiated the whole process and he’s still so young I’ve been sort of going with the ‘lets see how it goes’ attitude. It’s a bit more challenging to find consistency since he has three different day care providers during the week but everyone seems to be on board with encouraging potty use.

We had our 2 year old well child visit and our doctor recommended going with basically the three day version. Make a big to do about getting big boy under pants and then spend the weekend wearing those and see how it goes. Hard to find a weekend to be home but I think this coming is going to be it. Last night he threw a fit about wearing his diaper so I think we’re going to capitalize on that and see how it goes.

Do you have any recommendations? Had success one way or another? I have a feeling I’ll have pee all over the house for a couple of days. I’m really curious how this all works out after he’s potty trained – I mean lets be honest having to find a potty on demand adds a whole new level of complication to the world. Any advice?



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