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Busy Weekend

Hey All! Happy Monday! It is a hot humid thunder-stormy kinda day here in VT. We had a beautiful hot weekend, very humid! We actually road tripped out to a friends in NY for a cattle association event. I love the cattle events where there aren’t cattle – don’t get me wrong the shows are fun, but it’s much more fun for me to go to the non-show events. When the cows are around everyone is so busy there isn’t much time to spend just enjoying each others’ company.

This annual meeting was at our friends house about 5 hours from us, the meeting was Saturday morning so we decided we would head out Friday night after work and get to NY late. We brought our camper for the weekend (I love being able to use the camper for things like this – it’s free, it’s easy, and it’s so nice to have our own space for nap times and everything else.) Anyway, back to the drive, our hope was that our LO would sleep some of the trip and then we would put him right down when we ‘landed.’ I think the combination of it being light out till after 9pm and the change in routine just worked against us. LO was up until we arrived in NY but fortunately fell promptly to sleep once we put him in the pack n’ play. He didn’t sleep in quite as late as we’d hoped but 7am isn’t bad when we are in the camper.

I was a little nervous with so little sleep, but he was great all day! It was funny though, he’s not really shy, but with all the new people and lack of sleep I’m sure, he didn’t have much to say. He’s been so talkative lately which has been so much fun. I’m realizing how much I say some things. “Oh Boy” for example – I apparently say A LOT because now he says it a lot :). Anyway, the weekend was a blast. SUPER busy, I put on over 11k steps with my fit bit and got some sun, enjoyed the time with friends.

We road tripped back Sunday morning and stopped about an hour and a half in for thruway Starbucks and to stretch our legs. He actually did sleep on the ride home for about an hour, but the rest of the time was spent watching big trucks, looking for barns and cows, and being silly. I don’t have much in the way of recommendations for road tripping with a two year old, we brought books and toys he likes, a blanket for him to snuggle with, and a cup of water. We don’t let him eat in the car, but had plenty of easy snacks for when we stopped.

He’s not old enough for the license plate game, but looking at big trucks and asking him what colors they were and what things he could see was a lot of fun. Wheels on the Bus was a good one to sing, I always make up my own words which is far more entertaining. We’re lucky he’s such a good little traveler! I do think the best part of going away is coming home and getting back into routine. We spent yesterday afternoon playing in the pool and with his sand and water table. Made a visit to my folks for fathers day and of course did some laundry!

Excited to get back into routine this week. We’re expecting rainy stormy weather which I’m kind of happy about. I love a good thunderstorm! It’s nice to be able to hunker down sometimes.

Okay all, make it a great week!


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