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I’ve never considered myself a morning person, honestly I just love my bed and I love sleep and somehow the sleep I get in the morning feels more restful than the evening hours. This morning was one of those all too beautiful mornings when having to go to work just, well stunk!

Today is one of the days where my hubs takes our son with him, so I get a few extra minutes of sleep and a little time home alone. A L O N E. I soak it up. Don’t get me wrong I love to spend time and be with my husband and my son, but I am one of those people who needs her oneness. And I need my oneness  in my space, in my happy place – in my house!

Oh to have been able to stay home on this hot, humid, summer day. I would have sat by my garden, enjoyed my coffee, and watched my garden grow. Speaking of which, I am so pleased with how it all looks this year! I have tomatoes, green peppers, kale, spinach, beets, pickling cukes, salad cukes, yellow squash, carrots, basil, sunflowers, zinias, snap dragons, and marigolds. I don’t typically plant annual flowers in my garden, but this year I decided to go for it. The pops of color in with the green are just beautiful.

What are you growing in your garden? Do you can your veggies? Just eat them for the summer? We make pickles, but otherwise just eat the veggies seasonally. I’m growing extra for a friend at work this year.

Ahh that summer air! Make it a great day! Big Smiles! Lots of Coffee! Choose Happy!

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