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Checking In

Well it happened again! Hi all, sorry I’m neglecting this space entirely. It’s made me really wonder why? I’m pretty active on all my social media sites, it’s easier to snap a picture and put a caption on it. In so many ways I think those pictures perfectly describe life in motion.

We’ve been so busy, and the weather has been sort of cooperating. We made it to opening weekend at our favorite campground in Old Orchard Beach. It was absolutely the most perfect weekend and I needed it so badly. I took a vacation day from work on Friday and we packed up the camper and headed out. It’s about a 3 1/2 hour drive to Maine from Vermont but we only had to stop once about an hour and a half through for snack and a potty break (did I tell you we’ve started potty training?? more on that later). My LO is just the best little traveler, we’re so lucky! He did sleep the last hour and a half or so which worked out great.

The next weekend we were at our regional cattle show. While I’m no longer the secretary and my hubs is no longer the president we are still fairly involved with the association and specifically the show.  Hubs went down with the cows on Thursday to get everything ready, he has to do stalling assignments for all the exhibitors, make sure there is enough bedding, and that everything is set for the show ring. LO and I drove down in a HORRIFIC rain storm Friday afternoon. It’s about a 2 hour drive from my office and it was a white knuckle journey. It rained so hard, visibility was terrible, and then you get all the geniuses who think driving without their lights on is a good idea – it was a very stressful drive. LO was great though, he jabbered away and was so good. It’s hard not to be distracted by him now but with driving conditions that bad I had to focus.

And FINALLY after all of our busy weekends we have had some time to just be around the house and play. With the warmer weather I’ve been busy in my gardens and LO just wants to be outside. He actually throws a fit at night when we make him come in for dinner (and he loves to eat!) – I keep telling myself that a tantrum over having to come inside is perhaps one of the best things he could throw a tantrum over.

Thanks for reading! I’m going to stop neglecting this space! So much as been going on, I have lots of updates to post!

Make it a great day! Big Smiles! Lots of Coffee! Choose Happy!



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