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Halfway to the Weekend

Hey everyone, happy Wednesday! For those of you working the 8-5 like me we are halfway there!! I hate to wish time away any faster than it’s already flying, but I do look forward to my weekends.

Something about this time of year – I know I’ve said it before – but this time of year makes me a little antsy – do you ever get that? I guess it’s “spring-fever” right? We have soooooooo much snow! Even though since the April Fools storm it’s been in the 40s and 50s and raining we are still buried at my house. I’m hearing 70s this weekend which is so exciting! I can’t wait to get outside, even though we’ll be playing in the snow.  I suspect there will be some good puddle jumping too.

There is something else that makes me want to spend money this time of year – money I don’t have mind you. But I find myself wanting to go shopping for new home decor, new patio furniture, new clothes, and just generally to go and waste money on things I do not need. This is just bad for my bank account! I think some of it is just a way to get out and something to do (are we talking cabin fever now?) but also, who doesn’t like to get new things? It feels good. I can see why this can be such a problem for some people. I’m trying to reel myself in, so far I haven’t made any crazy expenditures. I did get a great deal on a set of cast iron skillets. I’ve always wanted them and JCPenney had them for a wicked good deal so what the heck I’ve justified it.

Headed to the weekend we have no plans. NO PLANS. Swimming is done for the next few weeks, which I really enjoy, but it is nice to get that Saturday morning time back. Looking forward to some nice quiet at home, outdoor play time. What’s your weekend looking like?

Make the rest of the week great! Big Smiles! Lots of Coffee! Choose Happy!

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