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Hey All – HAPPY FRIYAY! Well we made it, another work week down and another weekend full of fun activities ahead. My meal planning for the week was a success, I’m eating my last salad today, sadly ran out of chicken salad so I’m just vegetarian this afternoon but that’s OK. The black beans add a little protein (even if they are considered a carb on the 21 day fix).

I’m pretty excited for our weekend. We have infant swim class Saturday morning, and then my town puts on a snow sculpture festival in the center of town. It’s amazing what people can carve into snow! This pic shows the giant cubes of snow they start with. Pretty cool right?

We plan on walking through with our LO and I’m sure he’ll love it. Another bonus the weather is supposed to be fantastic! High 30s low 40s and sunny – I totally can’t wait!

This has been a very busy week at work which has been a nice change of pace. I much prefer to be really busy and have the days fly by. It’s frustrating not to get all my work done, but it’s nice to have so much to do. It’s been a great week.

Do you have any fun winter plans this weekend? I’d love to hear about them! I’ll check back in a few days and share some updates and pics of the snow festival. Monday starts my 5:45am work outs again – so Sunday more meal prep!

Have a great weekend, and thanks for reading!

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