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I said in my last post how weird of a new year this has been for me. Just feeling like I’m in a funk and can’t get out of it, and really put my finger on why I’m in it. I do know that one thing that has not helped my mood is falling off my healthier eating and exercising. When the hubs left for Denver in mid-January and then we went to Denver and then came home exhausted, then throw in a stomach bug and my birthday (unfortunately those happened on the same day) and well excuses, excuses, I hadn’t worked out since like January 9th. I’ve also been eating like crap and not drinking enough water. AND I FEEL IT. I just don’t feel well, I don’t feel good about myself and let’s face it none of that is good for one’s mood.

Yesterday I jumped back in. The blizzard that blew through offered me the chance to work from home which eliminates two hours of driving time from my day – it’s amazing what I can get done with those extra two hours. And yesterday it was my 21 Day Fix work out – Total Body Cardio with Autumn. I tell ya what – it hurt. I’m amazed what missing a month did to my body. Not only was the work out itself exhausting, very quickly there after going up and down stairs I had jelly legs. I made a vegan chocolate banana ShakeOlogy shake after and for the rest of the day I felt good. I felt accomplished and I felt like I was getting back on track.

This morning I am sore! It’s that hurt so good kinda sore that makes me feel accomplished! My plan for this weekend is to get my meal planning done and prep for the week. I’ll share my plan with you all on Sunday once I get it nailed down. I know I’ll be making egg muffins and my banana apple muffins (recipe already on the blog).

Looks like we’re expecting another storm this weekend, so aside from Saturday morning swim lessons with my little we should have a nice quiet weekend home. The snow banks outside are getting to be the thing of childhood fort making dreams – I can’t wait to get out there and play this weekend!

Happy Friday Y’all!

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