Simple Living

February Already?

This has been a crazy new year. I’m not sure I’ve started a year feeling quite so disjointed, and I can’t quite put my finger on why. I sort of have that swirling-mind-won’t-stop feeling and I just can’t seem to get it together. It’s a bit strange.

We’ve been busy – just the trip to Denver seemed to be a several week long process. I think the stress I let myself feel leading up to it, then the exhaustion factor during was enough to really put me behind. Add that I stopped my morning work outs when the hubby left for the drive because of time constraints and haven’t felt rested enough to start them again (I know excuses, excuses). I’m in messy spot of fatigued, stressed and, well, winter. I love the seasons but I can’t help but blame some of what I’m feeling on the weather – lacking vitamin d maybe? Just want to get outside and play in the dirt? I dunno.

On another note, I’ve been growing my Instagram followers, up to almost 200. And with that I’ve been following so many lovely people and their beautiful homes. Now, I love my house. I adore my house. I just plain love it. It’s our space, it’s a total reflection of us. We designed and put up a house at the young ages of 23 and 25. We chose to go modular because of cost and time and I would do it the same way if we ever do it again. I loved the company we worked with, the quality is on point and the process was easy and fun (okay we were building a house so it was stressful, but I must have forgotten most of those parts), ANYWAY the point is – I love my house. I have learned however since joining Instagram that our house is so not ‘in style’ by today’s standards. And that’s ok. I’ve certainly gained some design ideas from these lovely ladies and their homes, and I may even have some house envy. But then I sit back and look around the room and see all these lovely things that are a reflection of my hubs and I over the years, and the family we have started, it’s kinda perfect.

Admittedly I find myself struggling a little bit with what pictures of my home I want to post – it’s just not going to look like everyone else’s’ white washed walls and rae dunn pottery collections. But on this fine Monday morning in February I’m OK with that. I don’t want to be like everyone else. My story isn’t like anyone else’s and neither is my house. My style isn’t your style and it isn’t the Instagram style – but it’s my style, it’s our style and it’s all part of my simple little life.

I really can’t wait now for the warm up to start, my gardens and outdoor area are like none other and I just can’t wait to get in the dirt and play! Just thinking about that helps lighten my mood. I’m hoping this year to add a stone patio to the hill behind our house – one of my favorite places to sit.

Well, I feel a little better already! Sometimes you just need to put it down and get it out. Time for more coffee! Happy Monday Y’all!

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