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My hubs works at a farm, where he grew up actually, that raises Scottish Highland Cattle. We ourselves own a cow and a calf that also reside at the farm. Currently our home base isn’t set up appropriately for livestock and the cows are happier on the farm with their friends. The cattle at the farm are breeding stock and beef. The breeding stock are shown around the country at various shows that are sanctioned by the American Highland Cattle Association.

The National Western Stock Show (NWSS) is the ‘big’ show of the year. Even though it’s in January it’s the sort of finale of the show season. If you win in Denver you’ve got major bragging rights and then theoretically other breeders will want to buy your breeding stock. Makes sense right?

I’ve been going to NWSS off and on since 2007. I tried to go last year when LO was only a baby baby, but we both ended up sick and couldn’t make it. This year we decided to give it another shot and since we both stayed healthy we hopped a plane to Denver and were able to spend a few days at the stock yards. The travel all went great (see previous post) and the week was lots of fun. I think one of my favorite things about motherhood is experiencing things almost for the first time again as your child does. It’s a great way to remember the simplicity of the world and see things in a new light.

Walking around seeing the “moos” and the other animals in the beautiful Denver weather was so nice. We had highs of 56 with full sun – it was beautiful! There were Bison, Yaks, Long Horns, horses, pigs, sheep, goats, just about everything. We watched cattle roping and a cattle dog auction. My son loved it.

I did learn that time change is the pits – going back two hours was majorly complicated and we ended up sticking to East Coast schedule. That meant up at 5:30 every morning and LO in bed by 5 every night. The big problem here is that hotel rooms are not designed for parents with little’s and I spent much of my time hiding in the bathroom or between the beds until he was asleep. We also sleep in separate rooms at home and being in one room isn’t condusive to good sleep for either of us. He was up in the night and therefore so was I. We did learn a lot about traveling with LO, but I’m not sure what could have made it easier. 

I’m not sure if we will go again next year, maybe we will skip a year and wait till LO is just a little older? I’m not sure! Time will tell!

Have you traveled with your little ones? Any advice for hotel stays to share? 

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