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Flying with a Toddler – The Plan

Well we still have some time before our trip, but I’m a planner as you’ll see, so I’m already packing up the things we won’t need for awhile so I don’t have to do it later. After reading lots of blog posts from all of you other traveling moms and dads out there, and soliciting advice from my friends, I’ve compiled a list of things I think we will need on the plane and come up with some semblance of a strategy. 

I know that there will be a lot of playing this by ear, but I always try to be as prepared as possible. I know my kid, and he’s awesome, so I shouldn’t be so worried! Ah the unknown right?!?! 

So here goes!  This picture shows a lot of what will be packed but there is a lot missing. I’m going to bring a back pack and a rolling suitcase that I can put in the overhead bin. I THINK I’m going to bring my sons small Elmo back pack and put a few small books and toys in there. I figure that does two things – lightens my load, and the bag itself could be a toy. 

This is what the final (so far) list of what to bring looks like:

Pictured, from top to bottom: Kolcraft Cloud Umbrella Stroller, Ziploc bags, Arm & Hammer Diaper Disposal Bags, Antibacterial Wipes, bib, bowl, spoon, sippy cup, snack cup, sucky fruit/veggie packs, rice puffs, Tylenol, First Aid Kit, books, CARES FAA approved children’s seatbel (more on this decision below), iPad, head phones, hats, mittens, extra clothes, toys (all new so they will be extra exciting), and a blanket (yes I’m totally bringing the airplane blanket on the airplane!).

Not Pictured: Ergo Carrier, Elmo pillow, stuffed animals, my extra clothes, sound machine, diapers, wipes, sippy cup straps, crayons, paper, more snacks, change pad, my make up, thermometer.

I think that covers it – seems like so much stuff! The one thing I’ve gone back and forth on the most was the CARES FAA approved seat belt. They are about $70.00 on Amazon, but small, and light weight, much easier to carry than the LOs car seat, AND since we won’t need the car seat where we are going it seems like a better idea. I just couldn’t decide if it was worth the money. Only one person in all of the people that had flying advice had used and suggested it. I also thought well, I may not need the car seat, but it’s familiar to my LO and he’s obviously comfortable in it – maybe those points are enough to make it worth lugging through the airport?  In the end the hassle of the seat lost, and the extra safety of the seat belt won. 

I also plan to wrap all of the toys – my LOs swim teacher suggested this, and I love the idea. After Christmas I know LO loves unwrapping gifts, so I think this will be a great way to use some time, and the new John Deere tractors will be a hit. The one maybe weird thing you see on that list is Ziploc bags, I figure these are good for about a million different potential possible, wet, sticky, messy situations we could face while traveling. Also the iPad and headphones are a total last resort. If necessary looking at pictures would likely do the trick, but I did download a couple of baby age apps. *My LO doesn’t get any screen time, the most TV he’s ever seen is the very occasional football game. He also doesn’t play on our phones, at most we FaceTime with my sisters and he’s allowed to see pictures and videos of himself – and that is recent. 

So this is “The Plan.” When we get back I’ll let you know how it went. What do you think – am I missing anything? Any more advice?! I’ll take any and all!  

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