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I’m feeling a little all over the place these days. I think it’s the aftermath of the holidays and short work weeks and long weekends. Being totally out of routine can be exhausting! And we aren’t going to get back to it for a little while longer with our trip coming up. I am finding that for some reason the holidays have brought up staying up late which has really impacted my healthy eating and exercise.

As a full time working mom with a two hour round trip commute and a 9 plus hour work day I really struggle to find time to get in a work out. As I started on the the 21dayfix journey and found a work out routine I really like (thank you Autumn Calabrese) I have found that the only time I can do said workout is at 5:45 in the morning when everyone else is a sleep. I haven’t been able to get my butt out of bed the last few days and I’m sure it’s because I’ve seen 11pm every night this week.

It’s so hard to find the right balance. But that’s what it’s all about right? Balance. I’m hoping this weekend to try and reset and get back at it Monday. I feel good when I’m exercising, I feel healthy, and I feel empowered. All good feelings! Full disclosure, I have NEVER been one to exercise. I eat pretty darn well, but exercising has never been my thing. It’s only been recently that I found something I like, and it clicked that I need to do something for myself  – even if it’s at 5:45 am!

More about my journey to a healthier me coming soon.


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