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The End and The Beginning

Well here it is, the totally typical New Years Eve post. A summary of 2016 and a wish for 2017 maybe? It feels like it’s hard to say anything about the end of one year and the beginning of a new year without sounding very cliche – do you see a trend here?  But here I go anyway, as I’ve said before I don’t mind that I feel like I often speak in cliches, often they ring so true.

Anyway, 2016 has been a crazy year full of challenges and accomplishments, changes in mindset mostly. While the end of 2015 meant going back to work with a new baby, 2016 was the time of fully embracing being a working mom to a busy, bubbly, wonderful baby boy. The struggles of being a new mom subsided a little bit and I started to think about not only being a mom, but more importantly how to take care of me, advocate for me, and ensure that I was putting myself in a position to succeed as a mom, a professional, and a person.  I was fortunate to be able to change roles at work and move back into a sales position from an operations position. I started to think bigger picture employment and prioritize what I wanted and what I needed from my career. I’m so thankful that I work for a company and have an amazing boss that is supportive and helped me put myself in a place to succeed for myself and for the company. I’m lucky to have a boss that sees my success as his success – to me that is the sign of a true leader and will always be someone I want to work for. I am thankful every day that I was able to make this change early in 2016. I am enjoying the work and have been so fortunate to work on a team with some of the most wonderful people. My immediate team mate who I work with every day has become someone I would consider a closest friend. As happy as this change of roles has been for me, I know that there is a huge part of that which I owe to her. She has been an advocate, a positive influence, a shoulder to lean on, a perfect work balance. There are so many wonderful things about her and attributes that I am trying to incorporate into my own life. We compliment each other so nicely it makes going to work and leaving my son much easier.

Aside from the changes at work I finished school (seven years later), and gave up some of my other extra curriculars so when I wasn’t working I could spend my time with family stress free and without the weight of – I should be “writing a paper, finishing blah blah blah.” It’s been so nice! Although I have found that instead of feeling like I should be writing a paper what I felt I should be doing was exercising. Getting in shape and working out have always been goals and never been realities. With the help of another great girlfriend at work, I was able to change that too and started the 21 Day Fix in November. I’ve been loving it and it’s been another part of taking care of me that I’ve been happy to get to in 2016.

If you read my previous post “On Optimism” you’ve started to see a little how I operate. I try to embrace each day, appreciate what I’ve been given, and I know I am VERY lucky for everything I have and will have. I know that I can be annoyingly optimistic and positive but I CHOOSE HAPPY. I don’t typically make new year’s resolutions and I’m not going to this year. Sure there are things about myself I’m going to wok on, but those are ever changing and ever in progress, I don’t think they count as resolutions. I have one primary goal in life and that is to be happy. For my MBA we had to write a Foundation paper explaining why we were taking the program and what our life goal was. Mine – to be happy – and the journey is part of the fun. No one said it was going to be easy, but you have to try and enjoy it.

My wish for the world in 2017 is to embrace happiness. There are a lot of changes on the horizon and I hope that people will find the good, be the good, and Choose Happy.

Now it’s not quite 10 o’clock, I’m going to finish an episode of 48Hours and go to bed. We hosted a sledding party this afternoon that started at 3pm and everyone was gone by 7pm. We are NYE party animals!  #momlife #nyewithbabies

Cheers to 2017! Be healthy and be Happy!

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