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cropped-img_0238.jpgI’m so excited for some impending winter weather! We are looking at 10-20 inches here in Vermont and I am thrilled! I have always loved the seasons and there is something so magical and peaceful about a good snow.

Fortunately my office is also going through some renovations and I’ll be able to work at home tomorrow and won’t have to brave the roads. I’ve grown up driving in blizzards, but if I don’t have to venture out I am happy to hunker down at home. Working from home has other perks too, I can start a roast, bake some bread (bread machine let’s be honest I just put in the ingredients and the cuisine art does the work for me!), and my commute is just to the basement office.

I’m super excited for my little to see and play in a big ol’ blizzard! At almost 19 months he likes the snow, but struggles to maneuver through it. Sledding has become one of his favorite activities! There is nothing quite like hearing that giggle and squeal from him as we fly down the driveway. It’s just the best. Being a mom is made up of a million moments of squealing laughs and hugs and smiles, ok let’s throw it in, sunshine and butterflies! And thrown in all around is mess and stress and total chaos and absolute fear! But I wouldn’t change it for anything.

Bring on the snow!!


2 thoughts on “Nor’Easter

    1. I hope you get some snow! It just started here, the weather channel has already changed the prediction form 20″ to 12″ but I’ll take it either way! I think the last few years you all in DC have had more snow than we have. Funny how some years that happens. Fingers crossed for you for some good winter weather soon.

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