Simple Living

On Optimism

Optimism, being optimistic, looking at life through a positive lens – all things I strive to do, I aim to do, and I prioritize. Life is too short to be crabby all the time, and dwelling on the negative things doesn’t do anyone any good. There is so much evil in this world and so much sadness and darkness it would be easier to succumb to it. But I choose happy, I choose positive, I choose optimism.

It’s not always easy, and it’s not always fun to be the optimistic one. Sometimes I think I must be annoyingly optimistic to my friends. I have a few who like to dwell, who focus on the negative things happening or that happened. Dwellers are the tough ones. They are the ones that become difficult to talk with, they are difficult to be a good friend to. There are many reasons that can be true, but the two that stick out are that 1. talking to someone who never has anything nice to say about anything gets very wearing; 2. I must seem obnoxious with all of my silver lining, glass half full, statements of positivity, optimism, and HOPE.

Regardless of the circumstance there is always HOPE, and there is always something to be thankful for. There is always someone who on their best day would still wish for what you have on your worst.  And as the optimistic one you just have to be there and hope that your friends get through their darkness and find optimism in their lives. No one said being a friend is easy.

To the dwellers out there – chin up! Look for the good in your situation, there is always something good.

To the optimists – keep working at it, stay positive, continue to see the joy in the world. Don’t lose your glow.

Side note: as an optimist does it ever feel like cliches are king? I hate to speak in cliches but I’ve always felt there is so much truth to many of them.

(Disclaimer: had pulled over to take this pic. DO Not use your phone and drive)
Ignore the poles and lines and see the beauty of the sky.

(Disclaimer: I had pulled over to take this picture. I DO NOT condone use of electronics while driving.)

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