Simple Living

Be Inspired

Today I’m feeling inspired! Do you ever just look around while doing a normal day to day meaningless activity and think “gosh I’m so lucky!”? I hope, and aspire, to always put myself in a mindset and place in life where I will suddenly think to myself often “gosh I’m so lucky!” Today I had one of those moments and the feeling has stayed with me all morning. I drove to work in the snow, it took me an extra 25 minutes on my commute. I got out of my car snow boots on, hood up, purse zipped closed, and started to trudge through the ice coated snow and slush from the parking garage to my office. About half way in it struck me – snowflakes falling, crisp winter air, ominous gray clouds, everything coated white, Christmas lights sporadically on the buildings – it is absolutely beautiful out! I’m so happy to live where I live. I just wanted to throw my head back and catch the snow on my tongue… for fear of falling on my butt I did not do this!

I am so fortunate to live in a place where we have seasons, most Vermonters will argue we have five seasons – not just four – don’t forget Mud Season! I love each of the seasons. They each bring their own smells, their own beauty and their own celebrations. Winter is one of my favorites. The privacy of the cold and dark, the joy of the holidays, and the beauty of the snow. Winter 2016 is shaping up to be a good one! This is our fourth or fifth snow this year and I for one hope it keeps on dumping!

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